"THINKING OF YOU E​.​P​.​" Rose Records 09

by Laurence Guy

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It doesn't happen often, but every once in a while one release is all it takes to establish you're dealing with an exceptional talent. Laurence Guy's debut EP on Church was one of those records: Four dusty, moody, intricate basenent workouts that tug on your heartstrings and make you want to crank up the gain at the same time. It found its way into the bag of some of the world's best and became a staple in Move D's sets and instanly made Laurence Guy one of the scene's most promising and exciting new talents.
The savvy folks at Rose Records cottoned on quickly and locked in a pair of tracks by the London-based producer for the latest episode of their immensely popular 10" series. Laurence Guy delivers on his promise and then some.
'Thinking of you' on the A is a fast-paced deephouse nugget that oozes class and panache. Melancholy piano lines set the mood, loose percussive rhythms set the pace, while Daniel Wang-esque vocal loops delicately weave in and out.
Flip over for 'Hutch', a midtempo burner that builds on the sweetest of string, crisp hats, hints of acid and yearning vocal snips. One of those tracks that - when dropped at the right time - will have people hugging each other spontaneously on the dancefloor.
A stonecold future classic from the Rose Camp then, introducing an exceptional talent to their already impressive manifest.

Available only on a beautiful 12" vinyl

Words by Guy / Sleazy Beats

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released April 1, 2016



Rose Records Leipzig, Germany


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